Well, I bought my house and couldn’t move in for a year and Annette had to be my eyes and ears for so long and she ended up saving me $56,000 on my house before I closed. That’s a realtor that really puts herself out there and, you know, has your best interests in mind and I highly recommend her to any of my friends. I mean, the minute they know her and meet her they just love her and she does a great job finding them the houses of their dreams. ~ Sue, Gilbert

Well, as soon as I was put in touch with her she just jumped right on everything and took care of everything that came up and all the problems and everything else. She didn’t back down from anybody. She got it done and the business, it was great. I mean, yeah, I couldn’t be happier with what I ended up with. ~ Ron, Queen Creek

I feel like we’re finally home. It was an amazing experience, we had an amazing realtor who stayed on top of things. We’ve had so many people tell us how they had to be mean and aggressive and my husband and I felt like we do not need to do that because our realtor did that for us. We could just let go and, let our pitbull stay in charge and handle things for us so it’s been an amazing experience. ~ Sarah, Queen Creek

Annette Martin’s helped us locate this house, we’ve purchased it, and we’re going to enjoy it thoroughly. We’re very happy with the house and all the work that Annette has done to help us out. The house here in Mesa from Annette Martin, I’d like her to show my old home in Tempe that we are currently residing in. ~ Dave & Rosa, Mesa

My experience has been amazing. Annette has got the most respect, has a hard working drive, she’ll find you the house, she found me my house, it’s my new crib and she doesn’t stop, she’s got a lot of fortitude and very nice to work with, been a pleasure. ~ Matt, Peoria