Selling Your Home When You’re Divorcing

Unfortunately, you may have to sell your home as part of your divorce. This is how to get the most bang for your buck, even when you’re in the middle of divorce. First off, make it clear that you and your spouse are divorcing in the process. The house is not a problem and it was probably well-taken care of, so the feedback is internal moreso than external. When potential buyers know you’re divorcing, you are able to inform them that the neighborhood, location and home itself are all still … [Read more...]

Homes with Seller Financing in Scottsdale Arizona under $700000

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Loan Waiting Periods after a Short Sale or Foreclosure

A Guide To Bankruptcy: Foreclosure & Short Sale Waiting Periods For Different Loan Types Virtually no one goes into home ownership expecting that they will one day go through a foreclosure or a short sale. Unfortunately, this does not mean that it can't happen. The bad news is that there is almost always a waiting period between a foreclosure or a short sale, and when you can qualify for a home loan again. The good news is that these waiting periods can sometimes be shortened, and if … [Read more...]